7 Good Reasons to Become a Vote Life Candidate

Christian Hacking

5/25/20241 min read

1. Abortion Kills Babies: Every working day, 550 unborn babies are intentionally killed through abortion in the UK. Last year's figures revealed that 250,000 unborn babies were aborted, totaling 10 million since 1967. This alone is a compelling reason to stand for life. No mainstream party is sticking up so its up to us.

2. Abortion Harms Women: Numerous scientific studies indicate that abortion has both short- and long-term detrimental effects on women. These include increased risks of mental health issues, placenta previa, future pre-term delivery, breast cancer, endometriosis, and infertility. These risks are often denied by the abortion industry but are real and significant. Someone needs to get out there and tell the truth.

3. Labour's Plan to Decriminalise Abortion: If Labour wins, they plan to decriminalise abortion completely, allowing it up to birth, including for sex-selective reasons. This extreme position underscores the urgent need for pro-life representation.

4. Conservatives' Inaction: Even if the Conservatives remain in power, they have shown no intention of addressing the abortion issue. Their silence on this critical matter is deafening.

5. God Hates Abortion: According to the Bible, God detests the shedding of innocent blood and abhors child sacrifice. While God is slow to anger and abounding in love, He will ultimately act against such grave injustices.

6. Catastrophic Consequences: The combined harm abortion inflicts on both babies and mothers, coupled with its moral repugnance to God, suggests that ignoring this issue will lead to catastrophic societal consequences.

7. Who Will Stand if You Don't?: If you don't stand up for life, who will? This election, it is imperative to have candidates who make a clear, unwavering statement in defense of life.

By becoming an independent Vote Life candidate, you take a stand against a practice that harms the most vulnerable among us—unborn babies and their mothers. Your candidacy can make a profound difference in promoting a culture that values and protects life.