Rob Rawlins

Ely & East Cambrideshire

My name is Rob Rawlins. I am married with a lovely wife, three children and five grandchildren. I am retired and live in Cambridgeshire. I have been an English language teacher to adults and still do that a little online with Iranians, Ethiopians and others.

Why am I standing as an independent candidate on a pro-life ticket?

In my youth, I never thought about such things. I was part of the swinging 60s and briefly embraced a lifestyle with no sexual morals. One time, getting intimate with a new girl-friend, I said, “We haven’t got any protection.” She replied, “Don’t worry, I abort easily.” I wasn’t with her long enough to know if she conceived then aborted my baby. Now I am shocked by this. And I am aware that abortion is irresponsibly used today by some people.

Later, I changed dramatically to following Jesus. Then came marriage and children. Over the years, my wife and I had occasion to counsel two families considering abortion for their teenage daughters. The circumstances were hard, but it was clear to us that you don’t kill babies. The solution is life and whatever help that can be given in bearing then raising a child. A quick fix may appear to be an abortion. But not at the cost of a human life and much heartache in grief and guilt.

You can see Vote Life’s aims on this website. Also the rationale for offering an alternative to other parties who support or condone abortion. I feel strongly enough to take action for the babies and for the many women harmed.

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