Pauline Peachey

Kingston upon Hull

My name is Pauline Peachey. I was born in 1946, mother of 3 and grandmother to 8. I’m standing as an independent, pro life, single issue candidate in the election. I have known the devastation that the experience of the death of a baby from abortion brings. I have seen firsthand the dehumanising of a baby who became a ‘foetus’ when the doctor realised it would be disabled or might for any other reason be a ‘problem’. I have struggled with the aftermath of abortion for decades, talked with hundreds of women whose bereavement has not been acknowledged. “It’s only a clump of cells”.

There is recovery in Christ for us all. Our little baby is beyond help now, but for us, the mothers and fathers who live with the pain there is hope. Visit for more information.

If you believe babies are valuable and mothers deserve better than abortion. If you recognise that fathers are important in a healthy society. If you are against the killing of babies with Downs Syndrome, babies with disabilities killed up to birth. If you recognise this evil that is killing babies up to birth for any reason - by poisoning, by inducing heart attack, by crushing and dismembering - if these things are worth voting against, vote Peachey on 4th July.

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