Robert Spain


Robert had the Union Jack flag flying in his bedroom growing up in South Africa and his dream was always to come and live here in the United Kingdom.

His parents divorced when he was 11 years old and this caused him great trauma into his adult years. He knowingly practised evil habits and became addicted to sex, drugs, and self-centred

Robert moved to London when 25 years old, finding the Spirit of Truth he had been searching for when participating in the Alpha Course at Holy Trinity Brompton church in London, he experienced God's genuine Love through a powerful life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit of God and he received a clear vision of the Kingdom of Heaven through the Father's eyes when surrendering his life to Jesus.

Robert’s recovery from the selfish, empty, and dead way of behaving was slow initially but recently his devotion to the Word of God and the Spirit of Truth in Jesus Christ has increased significantly.

He and his wife Jane have lived in Exeter for 14 years and are committed to reaching out, on the high street to everyone by preaching repentance for the forgiveness of sins through the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead into Eternal Life.

The reason I am standing in these general elections is to advocate for the right to life for every precious human being inside the womb. God created each of us inside our mother's wombs and he knows each of us from the inside out, read Psalm 139 in the Holy Bible.

Vote for me to send a clear message to the ruling parties of our land that enough is enough! Every human being deserves the chance to be born and live rightly before God our Everlasting Father!

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