Joshua Morland

Coventry South

My name is Joshua Morland. I'm a maths student at Warwick university and am now standing as an independent, pro life, single issue candidate in the election. I have been blessed to grow up in a church alongside many adopted and fostered friends. I am so thankful to God that their lives have not been lost and that they are now able to be loved and cared for by our church. But I also mourn for the 10 million children that have been killed in the womb since the act of 1967. Furthermore, each one of these babies has a mother and father, and so many of these lives are ruined by the lasting effects of abortion. Meeting many such women over the last 12 months has only increased my passion to campaign for the end of abortion in the UK. I am running because I believe that both lives matter, and I know these things break my heavenly Father's heart even more than they break mine. If your heart breaks over this too, you can vote life by voting Morland.

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