Ivana Forman

East Worthing & Shorham

I have been married 30 years to a wonderful supportive husband, and we have four grown children with one grandchild on the way. I love Pilates and growing vegetables in my garden.

Now, I am standing as an independent candidate for East Worthing & Shoreham with the sole purpose of raising awareness on one single issue, abortion.

Years ago, a video of an abortion procedure opened my eyes to a hidden injustice. The abortion industry masks this grave reality with euphemisms like ‘products of conception’ and ‘clumps of cells,’ using dehumanising terms such as ‘fetus.’ As a follower of Jesus, I felt compelled to act. Since then, I have dedicated myself to ending abortion.

I believe that once people see the beautiful humanity of the baby in the womb and understand the horror of abortion, they will see through the lies perpetuated by the abortion industry.

Women deserve better! They have been hurt and betrayed by a society that should protect them and their babies.

But there is hope and forgiveness for us all, in Jesus Christ.

Join me in standing up for the voiceless - the most vulnerable in society, those in the most dangerous place on earth, babies in the womb.

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