Vote Life- The Untold Story

7/3/20242 min read



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While the mainstream parties have battled it out on TV, a small group of Christians on a shoestring budget has been waging its own fight on behalf of the truly vulnerable.

Vote Life is a network of independent candidates seeking to make abortion a voting issue. Over a 6-week period, they have recruited 22 candidates from Newcastle to Exeter and have been making waves ever since.

Founded by pro-life activist Christian Hacking, Vote Life has sought to get everyone to ask this question before they cast their vote tomorrow:

Am I about to give my vote to a party or candidate that is silent or supports the killing of 252,000 babies per year?

The primary means they have achieved this is through their leaflet, estimated to have been delivered to 1.09 million homes by the end of the election. However, they have also capitalised on hustings and media opportunities to hammer home the message.

Three candidates have also been strategically placed against formidable former pro-abortion MPs, including Diana Johnson (Kingston Upon Hull), Caroline Noakes, and Stella Creasy of Walthamstow. The latter has repeatedly taken to social media to smear their opponents. See here and here

The political movement is seeking protection of babies under the law, including the repeal of the 1967 Abortion Act, better support for women in challenging pregnancies through redirecting funds away from the abortion industry, and reparations for women harmed by abortion. Christian Hacking states:

“Since 1967, we have intentionally killed over 10 million babies in the womb. God hates the shedding of innocent blood, and He will not tolerate this injustice forever. Unless we take radical steps to address abortion as a nation, we cannot presume God will continue to bless and protect us. In fact, we can count on an increase in plagues, wars, and other unrest. That is one of the reasons why we keep saying that unless we address abortion, our country has no future.”

Not Without Opposition

While our campaign has achieved what it set out to do, it has not been without opposition. We have contended with leaflets being dumped by postal services and have received a steady stream of abuse online.

(Below) leaflets retrieved from a bin in Wimbledon

Vote Life Leaflets retrieved from a bin in Wimbledon.
Vote Life Leaflets retrieved from a bin in Wimbledon.

(Below) Some Messages we have received to our website:


“Your leaflets are disgraceful. The fact you think that is acceptable to send in the post and upset thousands of women is vile. Get a life and f**k off to America.”

“I encountered a group of right-wing f***nugget yank t***s trying to infiltrate UK politics. Piss off and jump in a fire. Her Body Her Choice. Drop dead.”

“Ur a f*****g faggot.”

Christian Hacking responds:

“Clearly, our British campaign has exposed a lot of unhealed wounds regarding our abortion culture. People are being convicted, and they are not responding in kind. That said, sooner or later, we hope these very same people will one day understand that what we are ultimately seeking is justice. Not just for the babies but for women harmed by abortion. In fact, Vote Life remains the only political movement committed to gaining reparations for women harmed by abortion. If that's you please share your story with us today.”

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